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Hammond Castle MuseumJohn Hays Hammond, Jr. built his medieval-style castle between the years 1926 and 1929 to serve both as his home and as a backdrop for his collection of Roman, medieval, and Renaissance artifacts. The castle was constructed as a wedding present for his wife Irene Fenton Hammond to prove how much he cared for her.   In addition, the building housed the Hammond Research Corporation, from which Dr. Hammond produced over 400 patents and the ideas for over 800 inventions.  Second only to Thomas Alva Edison in number of patents, John Hammond was one of America's premier inventors.  His most important work was the development of remote control via radio waves, which earned him the title, "The Father of Remote Control." 

HC_Armor_400.jpgVisitors to Hammond Castle Museum are welcome to explore the castle on a self-guided tour of many rooms (map supplied) including the great hall, indoor courtyard, Renaissance dining room, two guest bedrooms, the inventions exhibit room, the library, the War room, the kitchens, the Natalie Hays Hammond exhibit room, servants quarters, as well as several smaller rooms and passage ways including a secret passageway. We suggest that you start your tour in our AV theater where you can view a short film on the life and times of the Hammonds.

Visitors may also enjoy the beauty of the castle grounds and a view of the Atlantic shore line while strolling through our gardens or sitting on a bench taking in that view..

In addition to self-guided tours, Hammond Castle Museum offers a number of educational programs and prearranged tour opportunities for school and tour groups.  Our staff is always available to discuss the Hammonds with you as well as our unique collections.

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"For the last three years I motored many miles through Europe.  After traveling all day, I would arrive at my destination to see a church, a cathedral, a town hall, a scrap of Roman wall or viaduct, a colosseum or an ancient theatre.  It was always a piece of architecture that suddenly dissipated the obscurity of time and brought the living presence back of all ages.  It is in the stones and wood that the personal record of man comes down to us.  We call it atmosphere, this indescribable something that still haunts old monuments.  You can read history, you can visit a hundred museums containing their handiwork, but nothing can reincarnate their spirit except to walk through rooms in which they have lived and through the scenes that were the background of their lives.  It is a marvelous thing, this expression of human ideals in walls and windows."

(John Hays Hammond, Jr., Unpublished letter, 1929)


Hammond Castle Museum

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Hammond Castle Museum is now CLOSED for the winter.  However, if you call (978) 283-2080 and leave us a message someone will call you back.

The museum re-opens weekends in May of 2018.




Please note that the Museum IS CLOSED FOR THE WINTER and if you visit during the day you will NOT gain entrance


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Interested in holding a Corporate Event, Wedding, Rehearsal Dinner or Holiday Party at the castle. Call us ... (978) 283-2081  


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Please remember ...  that property adjacent to Hammond Museum is Private.  Please do not trespass or park on private property for any reason. 

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To do Any and ALL commercial or wedding Photography on our property or in our castle please speak to our Director of Functions as it is NOT permitted without paying a fee.   To arrange a commercial or wedding shoot please phone 978-283-2081.  

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As much as we would like to be otherwise Hammond Castle Museum being a very old historic structure is NOT handicapped accessible. There are many stairs entering the property from our parking lot. Please bear this in mind before planning a visit.  Thank you.

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