Hammond Castle Museum Pin

Hammond Castle Museum Pin


Hammond Castle Museum Pin

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This fabulous collectible pin is dedicated to Hammond Castle Museum with a detailed look of our castle from the ocean view that many fisherman and travelers saw approaching in the 1920’s.

Hammond Castle is located on the Atlantic coast in the Magnolia area of Gloucester, Massachusetts. The castle, which was constructed between 1926 and 1929, was the home and laboratory of John Hays Hammond, Jr. He was an inventor who was a pioneer in the study of remote control and held over four hundred patents.

At present, the castle operates as the Hammond Castle Museum, displaying Hammond’s collection of Roman, medieval, and Renaissance artifacts as well as exhibits about his life and inventions. The Great Hall contains one of the largest pipe organ which has been used for concerts and recordings by many famous organists including Richard Ellsasser and Virgil Fox. Unfortunately, as of 2015, the organ is no longer functional. Tours are self-guided, and visitors may explore eight living areas (including a dining room and bedrooms), an inner courtyard, two towers and the Great Hall.

Fundraising continues to rebuild the great organ. Donate today to help with its restoration.